The use of is subject to following terms and conditions. The user of this website is deemed to understand and accept all these terms and conditions.
1) Deals updates:
The deals updates provided by us are solely based on offers provided by respective merchants. We never guarantee the availability of the deal. It is sole right of the merchant to activate or deactivate a deal.
We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any deal. All the deals and samples are provided by respective merchants.
2) Coupons:
All the coupons provided on are a result of internet search and those provided by the users. We try our best to avoid updating any coupon which is exclusive for someone, but if still someone finds it, we cordially welcome their objection and any such coupon updated will be removed as soon as it comes to our notice.
The exclusive coupons by are copyrighted and cannot be used by anyone except our users.
3) Cashbacks:
Cashbacks are provided only to our registered users. Cashbacks are provided on tracked purchases. To qualify for a cashback the retailer must confirm that the member’s purchase is tracked, genuine and successful and the resulting cashback must be paid to us by the merchant. The cashbacks are provided to us by respective merchants and their tracking agencies a part of which are shared with you by us.
From time to time merchants change the commission for the transactions made. We try our best to keep the details updated regarding the amount to be paid as cashback but we do not guarantee the information regarding the amount.
There may be certain special conditions regarding some merchant or any deal which will be notified wherever required.
We although try our best to help in tracking the order as early as possible but we do not guarantee the time of tracking.

4) Membership Eligibility(membership starts once our complete website is ready)
You must be at least 16 years of age to become a member.
We reserve the rights to refuse membership and in event of any fraudulent activity or any activity deemed unfair by us, we reserve the right to terminate the membership.
All the accounts deemed dormant may be terminated by us to maintain the overload of account management.
5) Cashback Payment:
Cashback payment will be done by mobile recharges, cheque or NEFT transfer. Any of the payment method may be added or withdrawn any time. The minimum payout for various methods will be different and will be notified wherever required. The extra expenditure incurred while making payment may be asked to be paid by the user like postage cost for cheque.
It is your responsibility that any tax due is paid by you accordingly.
6) Recharges:
All the recharges made by are made by a trusted third party API. The success of the recharges made is solely dependent on the server status and the service provider. We will not be responsible for any wrong denomination recharged, so you are suggested to verify the amount before you recharge.

7) Modification of Terms and Conditions:

We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and at our sole discretion for any reason. We will post the revised agreement on this website

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