Spice Safar : Rail Ticket Booking, Recharge & Bill Payment 5% Cashback

Spice Safar : Rail Ticket Booking, Recharge & Bill Payment 5% Cashback

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Spice Safar : Rail Ticket Booking, Recharge & Bill Payment 5% Cashback
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Spice Safar : Rail Ticket Booking, Recharge & Bill Payment 5% Cashback

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  • hello

  • hello

  • Applying Cash back coupons getting error: referral program under maintenance and being revamped,

    What to Do

  • Anonymous

    referral program under maintenance and being revamped

    What to Do

  • Thanks for information (h)

  • Anonymous

    But its shows the referral program is under maintenance and revamped and to try after some time ?

  • good fc

  • rishav

    Yaa..its work..

  • Anonymous

    Y no promo for net banking?

  • Anonymous

    Go to setting,apps,FreeCharge and clear data..then go to account ,google,as,reset…then uninstall the app and reinstall it..then try a new account and new no… This will work..

  • shyam

    this trick is not working anymore…only once per mobile

  • R4TG6XE try this code

  • Anonymous

    pehele 1 a/c create kare then ek mobile no pe trick use kare..after that uninstall apps & reinstall apps.then 1 or a/c create kare with another email id & recharge ur mobile another no…100% working…pehele wale a/c or dushre wale a/c k ph no & email id aalag hona chaheye

  • this trick is not working on same mobile..
    so how can i use this trick on same mobile ?

  • FCREFZYGLLV72 Rs 50 cashback on Rs 10 recharge try this…. freecharge app.

  • Perhaps you are trying to recharge the same number which you have recharged earlier. Recharge a new number.

  • please explain in detail it is showing u have reached maximum redemptions even i have created the new mobile number and email acount

  • rohit can u explain in detail abt multiple rc

  • rohit can u explain me in detail abt munliple rc

  • To use this trick for multiple times: you need to format all your phone after every transaction, Just unistalling And reinstalling will not work…

  • no

  • Internet banking allowed

  • Account and number alag hina Chiye.. Card wahi wala accept ho raha hai

  • Not sure

  • Can We use Internet Banking method ?

  • Anonymous

    guys they very well technically strong..they track IMEI,Phone no,E-mail id,Credit card/Debit Card..for every transaction…so you cant use this trick…

  • Anonymous


  • After applying coupon, did you get cashback message on the app ?

  • Anonymous

    I had recharged 10rs from different card but cashback nhi aaya.. Why??

  • Try using the coupon again which is given in above post. The coupon is updated.

  • Anonymous

    My app is not wroking properly…it shows There was a technical issue in redemption of this code. How can i use it more than once…..plz help me

  • Kya error message aa rha h ??

  • Anonymous

    hey apps not working… again instal pe work nahi kar rahi what to do ?

  • Anonymous

    card b dusra use krna pdega kya ..??

  • Better if You use a new card. Not tried withold one. They have mentioned in terms that one card can avail offer at one time only. But not use FC Credit in any step.

  • There might be some temporary issue. Try it now.

  • Jaywant

    Showing : Technical issues to redemption this code

  • You need to use new Cards for payment.

  • Anonymous

    Same happen to me

  • Anonymous

    Multiple use trick is not working .it shows 50 caseback will be added in your account but i did not get. .