0 thoughts on “Spice Safar : Rail Ticket Booking, Recharge & Bill Payment 5% Cashback

  1. raghawendra says:

    Applying Cash back coupons getting error: referral program under maintenance and being revamped,

    What to Do

  2. Anonymous says:

    referral program under maintenance and being revamped

    What to Do

  3. BuyToEarn In says:

    Thanks for information (h)

  4. Anonymous says:

    But its shows the referral program is under maintenance and revamped and to try after some time ?

  5. rishav says:

    Yaa..its work..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Y no promo for net banking?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Go to setting,apps,FreeCharge and clear data..then go to account ,google,as,reset…then uninstall the app and reinstall it..then try a new account and new no… This will work..

  8. shyam says:

    this trick is not working anymore…only once per mobile

  9. Anonymous says:

    pehele 1 a/c create kare then ek mobile no pe trick use kare..after that uninstall apps & reinstall apps.then 1 or a/c create kare with another email id & recharge ur mobile another no…100% working…pehele wale a/c or dushre wale a/c k ph no & email id aalag hona chaheye

  10. sonu says:

    this trick is not working on same mobile..
    so how can i use this trick on same mobile ?

  11. SUNIL KUMAR says:

    FCREFZYGLLV72 Rs 50 cashback on Rs 10 recharge try this…. freecharge app.

  12. BuyToEarn In says:

    Perhaps you are trying to recharge the same number which you have recharged earlier. Recharge a new number.

  13. vinod kumar says:

    please explain in detail it is showing u have reached maximum redemptions even i have created the new mobile number and email acount

  14. mirza shoeb says:

    rohit can u explain in detail abt multiple rc

  15. mirza shoeb says:

    rohit can u explain me in detail abt munliple rc

  16. Rohit Soni says:

    To use this trick for multiple times: you need to format all your phone after every transaction, Just unistalling And reinstalling will not work…

  17. Ritwik Bose says:

    Internet banking allowed

  18. Typo Bank says:

    Account and number alag hina Chiye.. Card wahi wala accept ho raha hai

  19. Can We use Internet Banking method ?

  20. Anonymous says:

    guys they very well technically strong..they track IMEI,Phone no,E-mail id,Credit card/Debit Card..for every transaction…so you cant use this trick…

  21. BuyToEarn In says:

    After applying coupon, did you get cashback message on the app ?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I had recharged 10rs from different card but cashback nhi aaya.. Why??

  23. BuyToEarn In says:

    Try using the coupon again which is given in above post. The coupon is updated.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My app is not wroking properly…it shows There was a technical issue in redemption of this code. How can i use it more than once…..plz help me

  25. BuyToEarn In says:

    Kya error message aa rha h ??

  26. Anonymous says:

    hey apps not working… again instal pe work nahi kar rahi what to do ?

  27. Anonymous says:

    card b dusra use krna pdega kya ..??

  28. BuyToEarn In says:

    Better if You use a new card. Not tried withold one. They have mentioned in terms that one card can avail offer at one time only. But not use FC Credit in any step.

  29. BuyToEarn In says:

    There might be some temporary issue. Try it now.

  30. Jaywant says:

    Showing : Technical issues to redemption this code

  31. BuyToEarn In says:

    You need to use new Cards for payment.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Same happen to me

  33. Anonymous says:

    Multiple use trick is not working .it shows 50 caseback will be added in your account but i did not get. .

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