Transfer Money to your Bank Account at Flat Fee of 0% from Paytm Wallet

paytm-walletSteps to Transfer Money to your Bank Account:

  1. Click here to Download Paytm App  || Source page
  2. Signin/ Signup
  3. Click on Send Money
  4. Enter Account holder’s Name, Account Number, IFSC code and other details
  5. Enter Rs. 100 or above
  6. Send.

Offer Details:

All Paytm users can transfer money from Paytm to their bank account at 0% fee (till 31st December 2016)**. And once we launch Paytm Payments Bank, we will ALWAYS allow you to transfer money from Paytm wallet to Paytm Payments Bank Account at 0% even after 31 Dec’16.

This includes all KYC & Non-KYC users & merchants. All Non-KYC users were earlier charged 1% which has now been reduced to 0%

Also note that there are no charges at all for sending money between Paytm Wallets. It continues to be free for all our users. 

Usage Limits:

  1. When you Sign Up on Paytm, a wallet gets created for you in which you can add upto Rs. 20,000/- in a calendar month. This is as per RBI regulations. As a result there is a cap on how much you can spend. Also, there can be delays in getting cashback if the monthly limit of adding Rs. 20,000 gets exceeded.
  2. You can become a Paytm VIP customer for FREE by getting your KYC (Know Your Customer) done and store upto Rs. 1 lakh in your wallet.
  3. You can transfer up to Rs.25,000 per month from Paytm to your Bank Account as per the RBI regulations. This limit applies to minimum KYC (Rs.20,000) wallet & Full KYC (Rs.1 lakh) wallet.
  4. There is no limit in taking money back to source. For example, if you have added Rs.30,000 using credit card and later want to take the money back, you can send this money back to your credit card. Rs.25,000 limit does not apply here
  5. The minimum amount to send to the bank is Rs 100.
  6. You can only send Rs.5000 per transaction
  7. New Paytm customers have to wait 3 days before sending money to a bank account, however, if KYC formalities have been completed, then they can send money to any bank account immediately without any waiting period.