Mobile tricks : Kill wifi connection of your friend and enjoy the prank

Wanna play prank with your friends  or neighbour ? Do you want to devoid them from using their wifi ?
Here is a trick using which you can kill the wifi of your friend and enjoy the situation.

Requirements to play this trick :

  • Rooted android phone.
  • Wifi Connected to your phone

Steps to kill wifi connection :

  • Download the apk file here
  • Install the app downloaded
  • Launch the wifi kill app and click on â€œ?” symbol
  • It will scan for wifi connection and show the connection
  • Click on the connection shown and click on grab
  • After this click on kill
  • It’s done. Now your friends / neighbour will not be able to use this wifi connection
  • They will still be connected to internet but will not be able to browse or download

Steps to revert the connection :

  • Untick Grab all button and click on kill.
  • Goto the main screen and click on “??”
  • The wifi connection is normalised now

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