Download UC News App  Refer & Earn Rs. 5000 in Bank Account

This exclusive online offer is offered by UC News App

Steps to Get this Offer:

  1. Click here to Download app
  2. Open App > Select Your Language > Select Preference.ucnews4
  3. Click Help My Friend > Enter code 10004378 to get Rs.2000 cash.
  4. Click on “My Code & Invitation” to see your referral code, Share it with your friends.
  5. Click Invite to invite your friends, You will earn extra Cricfund when your friends enter your reference code.
  6. When your journey is 100% completed, means when  you reach to Rs.5000 and a claim button will appear.
  7. Fill form to get cash.
  • Eearn your exclusive Rs. 5,000 News Fund:-

    • Every participant has a chance to earn Rs. 5,000 News Fund.
    • The participants can redeem Rs. 5,000 only when it is 100% collected.
    • Download UC News to collect more money.
    • To collect the remaining money, you can ask your friends to download UC News and enter your code.
    • The more friends you invite, the faster you can win your Rs. 5,000 NewsFund.
    • If people you have invited (people who have entered your code) invite new users, you can collect extra money. You can push them to invite people, so that you can collect money faster.
    • You can collect the money once you’ve helped a person by entering their code. You can only help one person. And this person you’ve helped, can’t help you back.
    • In the same way, you can’t help the person who has offered help to you before. Because they have already got the money for helping you.
    • When you have successfully collected Rs. 5,000, you can redeem the money and try again to collect another Rs. 5,000. Every user can collect 3 times in total.
    • 0. The game will be over on March 31, 2018 23:59:59 (IST). When all the prizes are sent out, the game will be over as well. You can check how many prizes are left on homepage.
    • 1. The prize will only be delivered to those who have collected 100% Rs. 5,000 NewsFund before the game is over. If your Rs. 5,000 is not 100% collected when the game is over, the money you collected will not be delivered to you as prize.
    • 2. Total number of prizes is limited. participants who collect 100% money will win the prize on a first-come- first-serve basis.

Activity period: OCTOBER 16, 2017 – MARCH 31, 2018 23:59:59.

invite friends:-

  • Step1 – Check your code by clicking on the “Code & Invitation” button on the homepage.
  • Step 2 – Your friends can download UC News and enter your code. They can click on the “Help My Friend” button on the homepage to enter your code. (Every new UC News user can only help 1 friend.)
  • Push people who have entered your code to invite people, you will collect extra money. Remember to remind them to invite friends as well.
  • When you’ve collected your Rs.5,000 fully, click on “Redeem” button to fill in your personal infomation and get your money.
  • After you redeem 100% money, you can revise your contact information before the 2nd day of the next month 23:59:59 (IST). The prizes delivery will base on the final submiting.
  • Your contact information will be only used on prize delivery. Prizes will be only delivered to those who submit valid information.
  • All the pictures of the prizes are only for your reference.
  • Kindly do not uninstall UC Browser or UC News during the campaign. UC Browser or UC News is not responsible for your information/prizes lost because of the uninstallation.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please share it in the “Feedback” section at the upper right corner.
  • After you redeem 100% money, the Awards will be sent out to the Winners within the final day of the next month. (“the Delivery period”)

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