Here is a great opportunity for you if you are a college student. Buytoearn is up with program to multiply your cashbacks. If you can spread a word about us, you can be an ambassador of Buytoearn. An ambassador enjoys several benefits.

Benefits for campus ambassador :

  1. The campus ambassador gets 10% of the cashback earned by students in the campus upto 2 years a student signup.
  2. The campus ambassador gets buytoearn merchandise like tee, caps etc.
  3. The campus ambassador are provided with all the requirements for the campaigns in their college.
  4. The campus ambassador may get a chance to meet the founder and/or work with buytoearn team.

How to become Buytoearn Campus Ambassador :

  1. Fill up the form here.
  2. Once your form is processed, you will get a confirmation mail with an ambassador code.
  3. Ask your friends in college to join buytoearn using your unique ambassador code in registration form which entitles them for a bonus of Rs 10*.
  4. Once the cashbacks earned by all the users joined via a unique ambassador’s code exceeds 10000 ; the ambassador is confirmed as ambassador of a campus and becomes eligible for all benefits of the being campus ambassador.

*The bonus is payable only after earning a minimum of Rs 100 cashback.

Yet have a query : contact us at