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Key features of Intex fitRiSt Pulzz :

  • Silicone
  • Battery Life 7 Day
  • OLED Digital Display
  • Touch Enabled
  • Step Count, Calories, Distance Covered, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring
Product Description
Whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to slim down, it’s important that you keep track of your fitness. With this smartwatch, you can monitor the rate at which you burn calories during workouts, your pulse, your sleep patterns and the number of steps you take each day. Not just that. The watch also informs you about call, SMS and social media notifications..
Heart Rate Monitor

Keep track of your heart rate whenever you jog or cycle to know if your workout sessions are effective or not. Alter your exercise routine depending on your heart rate to make the most of all your efforts. It’s advised that you wear this smartwatch slightly above the wrist so it can detect your pulse more accurately.

Steps Count

If walking is your physical activity of choice, you can keep track of the number of steps you take each day with this smartwatch. This way, not only will you know how many steps you’ve taken, but how many more you need to take to meet your daily target.

WhatsApp Notification

Whenever someone messages you on WhatsApp, this smartwatch’s screen will display ‘WhatsApp’ to notify you.

Your Running Mate

If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, it’s essential that you keep track of the time you spend running, the number of steps you take and the amount of calories you burn. With this smartwatch, you can do exactly that.

Time & Date

Apart from the advanced fitness-tracking features that this smartwatch offers, it also tells you the time and date, serving the basic purpose of a wristwatch.

Your Personal Burn Meter

This smartwatch maintains records on the amount of calories you burn by the day. Now, you can set fitness goals that are customized to your physique to stay in shape.

Incoming Call Notification

You don’t need to reach for your pocket every time you want to find out who’s calling you. A quick glance at the screen of this smartwatch is all it takes to do so. Simply pair this smartwatch with your smartphone and you’re good to go. This smartwatch supports call notifications with caller ID for users with Android-based phones. For users with iOS-based phones, this smartwatch will display incoming call notifications as call icons if the number is saved on their smartphone. If not, the smartwatch’s screen displays the entire number.

Sleep Monitoring

As this smartwatch monitors your sleep patterns, you can find out if you got the right amount and kind of sleep. Change the duration for which you sleep based on this smartwatch’s records to lead a healthier lifestyle.

MP3 Control

Change the tracks that are on your smartphone’s playlist with simple taps on this smartwatch’s screen. The FitRist Pulzz offers easier control over your music.

Remote Shutter

Things might get tricky if you want to take a family portrait with your smartphone’s rear camera. In such situations, simply set your smartphone on a leveled surface at the right angle and use your smartwatch for the perfect click. Now, you can ensure that all your loved ones get into the frame.

SMS Notification

A flick of the wrist is all it takes to know if you received a message and who it is that messaged you.

Facebook Messenger Notification

People are usually very eager when it comes to keeping track of their Facebook notifications. Thanks to this smartwatch, you don’t have to remove your phone from your pocket each time you want to know if you received a notification or not. You will be notified as and when you receive any FB notification.

Hydration Reminder Alarm

It’s important that you stay hydrated during workouts or long jogs. The FitRist Pulzz will remind you to drink up in a timely manner.


Use the alarm function to set gym-session reminders or to wake up on time for work.

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