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You Are The Best Wife: A True Love Story’ is a story about how people find true love and comfort in dissimilarities; about how two people with absolutely different ideologies meet and fall in love.

The story revolves around Bhavna and Ajay. Bhavna loves living life for others while Ajay loves living for himself; Bhavna is more spontaneous, never planning the next move and living life with the flow. On the other hand, living life without planning a single move is almost blasphemous to Ajay. Yet, they fall in love; they get married and love changes both of them for good.

However, destiny had some other plans for this couple in love; and, midway through their happiness, Bhavna had to resign from life. But does this halt mean the end of love?

Written in frank and clear words with generous dosage of humour, ‘You Are the Best Wife’ is hailed as a true love story amidst all adversities. It is an inspiring and bittersweet tale of a youth that metamorphoses into a whole new being after being touched by love.

About the author:
An Engineer in Electronics from IERT, Allahabad and an MBA from IIMM, Pune, Ajay K. Pandey’s dream was always to be a teacher though destiny had other plans for him. An employee of Cognizant, Pune, Ajay K. Pandey’s debut novel You Are The Best Wife is based on his own life and events.

From the Publisher – A Q&A with the author

A Conversation with Ajay K Pandey
Having an interaction with such an author who penned down a story which is on his own life is very rare. We got the chance to interact with Ajay K Pandey, who authored “You are the best wife”. It’s the story of Ajay and his beloved late wife Bhavna.

Q: Can you please start off by telling us about you? Where are you from? What is your professional background and please tell us how you came about to pen your first book entitled You are the Best Wife.
Ajay: Thanks for honouring me. I grew up in the modest NTPC township of Rihand Nagar, a small town on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. I studied Engineering from IERT, Allahabad and did my MBA at IIMM (Pune) before taking up a job in a corporate firm.I am currently working with Cognizant, Pune.

Coming to your last question, why I wrote this book? Honestly, I never thought of writing. And, writing a novel was never my cup of tea. After my dear wife Bhavna left me, I was in deep pain. I hardly went for work. Neither, I chose to be part of any family or social gatherings. The pain was so much that I had to expel it somewhere. I kept on writing my feelings on paper. Never realized when it turned to a book. Memory of Bhavna has always inspired me. I am sure, her journey can inspire others too. She is the only inspiration behind this writing.The book is a small effort to make her memories everlasting.