BSNL Freedom Recharge Offer

BSNL Freedom Recharge Offer

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BSNL Freedom Recharge Offer
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BSNL Freedom Recharge Offer

bsnl freedom offerThis exclusive online offer is offered by BSNL

Steps to Get This Offer

  1. Click here to visit offer page 

Special Offer 70th Independence Sale:

Get Full TalkTime with PrePaid Recharge of Rs. 70/- Offer Page
Offer Valid from 15th to 22nd August Only. So hurry Up!

Other offer:

Now migrate from Prepaid to Postpaid & get 1 month ?#?FREERENTAL? || Offer Page

Promotional Offer for Independence day and Raksha Bandhan under prepaid mobile services
A) Under prepaid mobile services-Independence month offer(from 01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016)

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax) Total Bundled Free usage Bonus Data for Data STVs recharged from 01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016 Toal Free data for vouchers recharged from 01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016 Validity of freebies(In calaender days)#    Data Charges Data Charges(in Rs. /MB)
  After freebies (For APN’ bsnlstream)
291(NZ,EZ,WZ) 2.2 GB 0.2 GB 2.4 GB 28  3p/10KB 0.25
291(SZ) 2.2 GB 0.2 GB 2.4 GB 30  3p/10KB 0.25
444 3 GB 0.25 GB 3.25 GB 60  3p/10KB 0.25
561 5 GB 0.35 GB 5.35 GB 30  3p/10KB 0.25
821 6 GB 0.5 GB 6.5 GB 60  3p/10KB 0.25
1099 9 GB 0.75 GB 9.75 GB 60  3p/10KB 0.25
1949 21 GB 1 GB 22 GB 90  3p/10KB 0.25
The Data STV recharge SMS to customer should include the phrase “Extra data from BSNL on the occassion of 70th Independence day”.

B) Data Comb Voucher:
Data Comb Voucher in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax) Total Bundled free Usage Existing Validity of Freebies (in Calender Days)# Revised Validity of freebies(in Calender Days) #
3099 15 GB 3G+Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming on-net OG Voice calls+500 minutes free Local/STD/Roaming off-net OG Voice call 30 60

#Validity of STV/Combo Vouchers will be upto 23:59 hrs. of last day of validity irrespective of time of recharge of validity on first day .C) Waiver of 1 month FMC for migration from BSNL prepaid to BSNL postpaid

  • Waiver is allowed if customer migrates to Plan 225 and higher only.
  • Offer is for the month of August 2016 (01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016).
  • The commision applicable as per existing S&D policy.
  • To avail this offer,customer has to give atleast 2 months of rental in advance(i.e. rental of 2nd and 3rd month).

D) 70th Independence Day Offer

  • Full talk time on Topup Rs. 70 from 15.08.2016 to 22.08.2016.

E) 70th Independence Day Offer for retailer (w.e.f. 01.08.2016 to 31.08.2016)

  • Rs. 5 as OTF on STV/Combo vouchers with MRP Rs. 201 to 299.
  • Rs. 10 as OTF on STV/Combo vouchers with MRP Rs. 301 and more.
Student Special Plan on promotional basis under prepaid mobile services w.e.f 20.06.16 for a period of 90 days

  Particulars   Details
Plan Voucher Rs. 118^ (inclusive of S. Tax)
Main Account Validity One year (for J&K and NE circles validity is 90 days)
Free Data Usage 1 GB (to be consumed within 30 days from the date of activation)
Special Tariff
Call rate in Home LSA for first 60 days
  • On-net @10 paisa/min
  • Off-net @30 paisa/min
  • National/Local SMS @15paisa/SMS
Special Benefit Free bundled Top-Up of Rs. 10 with Full Talk Value
Applicability All new connections and MNP in all circles including J&K and NE circles
All other tariff and terms & conditions
(Base Voice Tariff Plans)
As per Prepaid ‘Per Minute Plan’

^ If denomination is not vacant, circles may chose up to denomination +Rs. 3 but not in multiples of Rs. 10

A. Addition of F&F features in Student Special Plan

  • The F&F facility with Student special plan for two local numbers (Mobile/LL/GSM/CDMA) (on-net/off-net) with tariff of 10p/min for local on-net F&F number and 20p/min for local off-net local F&F number.
  • The F&F number can be any combination of on-net/off-net local numbers.
  • Registration of each F&F number/change of each F&F number will be charged @Rs. 5/change or Rs. 5/registration.
  • The tariff offered for F&F number will be applicable in home LSA only. If number under student special plan is in roaming then base tariff will be applicable for calling to F&F number also i.e no reduced tariff of 10p/min for local on-net F&F number and 20p/min for locla off-net local F&F number.

B. Allowing of STV88 and STV42 for student special plan also with only “minute” pulse option

 A promotional offer is launched for a period of 90 days on every new ‘Per Second Plan’,’Per Minute Plan’,’Special Roaming Tariff Plan (SRTP Plan)’ by offering a free SIM with inbuilt ‘Pyari Jodi Plan’ with below terms and conditions:
a.  Free SIM to be given with new connection will be Normal SIM or Micro SIM having sales price of Rs. 20/-
b.  No freebies will be offered with the free SIM offered above except special benefit of 20 minutes free calls available under ‘Pyari Jodi Plan.’
c.  Above offer will be available on the activation of new connection under ‘Per Second Plan’,’Per Minute Plan’ and ‘SRTP Plan’.The offer will not be applicable for special discounted price of FRC 6/7.
d. The above offer will be available for a period of 90 days from the date of implementation.However, the implementation of the scheme in any specific circle needs to be confirmed from the local BSNL CSC.

Combo Voucher 1402 as Promotional offer under prepaid mobile services w.e.f 11.05.2016 for a period of 90 days

  MRP of Combo Voucher
(in Rs. inclusive of service tax
   Freebies Validity
(In Calendar Days)#
Rs. 1402  Rs 1402 Usage Value in main Account + (all local/national voice calls @ 0.9 paisa/sec tariff,
250 MB data, 250 SMS any net for 30 calendar days)

#The STV will end at 23:59 hours of 30th day irrespective of time of recharge on 1st day.

Note: * The validity is for Data and reduced call rate only. The Usage value has no validity i.e. to be credited in main account.Circles can suitably adjust the MRP in the price band by + Rs.1 to + Rs. 4 considering the technical feasibility.

Promotional offers  under postpaid mobile services

(A) Postpaid mobile Services

Data Card Offer with Annual Post-paid Data Plans
Annual Advance Rental post-paid Data Plan Price of 3.6 Mbps Data Card
Rs 2,940  Free
Rs 2,050 Rs 300
Rs 1,110 Rs 600

Note : * The above said offer is applicable for 3.6 Mbps data card applicable till stock last.

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