Buy Online Top 5 Budget Air Conditioners In India, November 2017

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Best 5 Budget Air Conditioners In India, September 2017

1. Micromax 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC – White  (ACS18ED5AS02WHI, Aluminium Condenser) from Flipkart Rs. 22,999

Features of . Micromax 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC :

All-round Cooling

Sit wherever you want in your room, on the bed, on the bean bag or on your couch and experience effective cooling as this Micromax AC comes with a 4-way swing feature and with an air flow range of 9.14 m (30 feet).

Hidden LED Display

Does the display light annoy you? With this Micromax AC, you don’t have to worry about it as it comes with a hidden display which is perfect for checking the energy display conveniently. What’s more, this AC comes with an LED Display that shows the temperature when needed and can be hidden with just a press of a button.

3-in-1 Filter

To ensure you breathe in fresh and healthy air, this AC comes with three filters – an Anti-VOC filter, a Vitamin C filter and a Catechin filter. The Anti-VOC filter helps filter out all the harmful chemicals and vapours so you can breathe in fresh air, the Vitamin C filter, on the other hand, fills the air with vitamin C which softens your skin and reduces stress. The Catechin air cleaning filter freshens up the air in the room and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Ultra-efficient Cooling

Don’t worry about your electricity bills as this 5 Star AC comes with energy-efficient technologies. The corrosion-resistant Goldfin Technology and Energy Saving Mode together make this AC an energy-efficient one.

Luminous Remote

You don’t have to switch on your mobile torch or your room light to change this AC’s settings at night as its remote comes with luminous buttons which ensure better clarity for effective night time operation.

Turbo Cooling

There are days when it gets unbearably hot, even waiting for the AC to cool down the room takes forever. But that’s not the case with this Micromax AC as it comes with a Turbo Cool mode which cools down the room instantly.


To ensure a pleasant and clean environment in your room, this Micromax AC comes with a dehumidifier which removes the dampness and the smell.

2.Haier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC – White  (HSU-19TFW5P, Aluminium Condenser) from Flipkart Rs. 27499

Features of Haier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC:

  • 1.5 Ton : Great for medium sized rooms (110-150 sq ft)
  • 5 Star : For energy savings upto 25% (compared to Non-Inverter 1 Star)
  • Auto Restart: No need to manually reset the settings post power-cut
  • Aluminium : A value for money, standard alternative
  • Sleep Mode: Auto-adjusts the temperature to ensure comfort during your sleep

3. Voltas 1.2 Ton 5 Star 155 CY Split Air Conditioner from Flipkart Rs. 23999 or Snapdeal Rs. 26990


With a 5-star BEE rating, the AC delivers an excellent performance while consuming lesser power. Highly energy efficient, it helps you to save on your electricity bills. Now, you can finally stop worrying about spending excessively on power.

Sleep to Save Energy

Right before you doze off, don’t forget to activate the AC’s Sleep Mode. Trust us, you won’t regret it. After automatically analyzing the room temperature, the AC adjusts the fan speed accordingly to provide you with the right amount of cooling. Save on your electricity bills while you sleep.

Swing Away

Gone are the days when some sections of the room became colder than others. How, you ask? Well, Volta’s Auto Air-swing feature enhances the air conditioning experience by ensuring proper air circulation and humidity control.

The Efficient Compressor

The heart of a machine needs to be strong, don’t you agree? Thanks to the rotary compressor inside this Voltas AC, you are assured enhanced cooling efficiency.

Other Features

The dust and anti-bacteria filter filters dust, pollen, bacteria and other small irritant particles from the air. The dehumidifier in this AC soaks extra moisture up from the air and makes everyone feel cool and special. Thanks to Voltas’s Auto Restart function, your AC resumes with the same settings as before after a power cut, making your life a lot simpler.

4.Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC – Gray Strip  (AR18MC3ULGM) From Flipkart Rs. 28999

Fast Cooling Mode

Escape the sweltering heat outside. Chill inside the cool confines of your home. This air conditioner runs the maximum level with a fast fan speed for 30 minutes so it cools a room faster and better.

3 Care Filter

The air conditioner’s 3 Care filter does three things – it keeps the air fresh, it keeps the inside of the unite clean, and it has a unique coating which captures dust and eliminates up to 99% viruses, bacteria, and allergens that pass through its dense filter mesh.

Triple Protector Technology

The Triple Protector technology prevents overload. This air conditioner does not come with a separate stabilizer and has an anti-corrosive coating. It is designed to function smoothly even under challenging situations like extreme heat.

Sleep Mode

Get a good night’s rest. Take advantage of the air conditioner’s temperature and moisture adjustment settings to create a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself.

Auto Clean Function

When you turn off your AC, its Auto Clean function automatically runs a fan to remove dust and moisture in the heat exchanger. This helps it stay clean and dry, which helps prevent bacteria and mildew growth.


Samsung’s air conditioner efficiently removes excess moisture during monsoon so air in a room does not feel damp and muggy.

Energy Efficient

This air conditioner delivers powerful cooling at a low wattage so there’s no wastage of energy and no unnecessary electricity costs.

DURAFIN Technology

If you live near the sea, this Samsung AC is ideal for you. It features a DURAFIN heat exchanger that has gone through the Seawater Acetic Acid Test (SWAAT) and is resistant to corrosion.

Multijet Plus Technology

Featuring the Multijet Plus Technology, this Samsung AC offers faster cooling and better energy-efficiency than regular air conditioners.

8-Pole Digital Inverter

Since this AC comes equipped with Samsung’s 8-Pole Digital Inverter, it reduces power consumption. As a result, you can save money on your electricity bills.

Single User Mode

When you’re alone, switch on the Single User mode, so the AC cools the room accordingly. It will lead to less energy consumption.

2-Step Cooling Mode

This AC quickly brings the room temperature down to your liking. Once the desired cooling result has been achieved, the AC automatically switches to the Comfort Cool mode to maintain the temperature for longer, saving you from having to keep changing the settings frequently.

5.Sansui 1.5 Ton Inverter (3 Star) Split AC – White  (SS4C54.WS1-CM, Copper Condenser) from Flipkart Rs. 26,999

Bacteria-free Home with This Filter

Who doesn’t want a clean environment and a bacteria-free home? This Sansui AC comes prepped with an Anti Bacterial Filter which blocks bacteria and hinders their growth. Sit back, relax, breathe in the clean air and enjoy the conditioning of the air in your house.

Say Goodbye to Humidity

Since the dawn of time, humidity always had the power to spoil the day for humanity. Now, it’s possible to take the fight back to the elements. Switch the AC on, let the in-built Dehumidifier technology do its job and let your day turn a shade brighter.

Auto Restart Makes Your Life Easier

Tired of resetting the AC mode and temperature settings every time the power supply goes off? Here comes the Auto Restart function to the rescue. Thanks to Sansui’s Auto Restart function, your AC resumes with the same settings as before, even after the power cut, making your life a lot simpler.

Wipe Your Worries Away with Auto Clean

Cleaning the dust and germs in your AC sounds like a difficult job. What if we told you that the solution is as easy as pressing a single button? Yep, you heard that right. With just the push of the Auto Clean button, you can say goodbye to all the dirt, dust and germs residing inside.

Copper Condensers & Longer Lifespans

Once you have bought the AC, rest assured that you will reap the chilled benefits for a long period of time. This Sansui AC uses nifty copper condensers to prevent the chief components that are inside from rusting and giving up on you. A long life is guaranteed for your product.

Other Features

4 Cooling Modes, Digital Display, Super Silent, Two-way Auto Air Swing, Sleep Mode, Turbo Cool Mode

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