Amazon: Buy Dell Alienware 14 M14X 14-inch Laptop (Anodized Aluminum) at Rs,120,990.00

Amazon: Buy Dell Alienware 14 M14X 14-inch Laptop (Anodized Aluminum) at Rs,120,990.00

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Buy Dell Alienware 14 M14X 14-inch Laptop (Anodized Aluminum) at Rs,120,990.00

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Dell Alienware 14 M14X 14-inch Lapto Key Features

  • Faster Data Processing
  • Compact, Powerful and Designed for more Intense Gaming
  • Delivers the Powerful Visual Experience
  • HD Audio Experience
The name Alienware is usually enough to make people aware of the power and style that comes with owning a device like that. The devices are also fitted with high powered graphics chips that easily and seamlessly render high end games beautifully.
Game Console with Brains
The powerful laptop comes with a Core i7 Processor that can clock in at 2.7 GHz. This clock speed is not limited and can also be boosted should the need arise. On using Turbo Boost, you can expect clock speeds of 3.7 GHz as well. This extra power will come in handy for games and software that demand high graphics settings.
High Speed Multitasking
With the Alienware by Dell, you do not just get a powerhouse in the gaming segment, you also get a powerful number cruncher in the overall processing department. Having a powerful processor alone will not be enough to derive demanding levels of performance. For this task, you need RAM and the Alienware has enough and more to spare. It consists of 16 GB RAM which can easily and effortlessly support multitasking.
Graphical Prowess
The laptop comes with an onboard graphics card which is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M. This card is more than capable of handling almost all the major games available in the market. Apart from just a powerful graphics card, you also get an HD display with LED and Anti-Glare to cut off reflections
Sound and More
If you just happen to not possess a headset, you can still enjoy quality sound thanks to the built-in stereo speakers with a 5.1 setup. As a gaming laptop, it is always assumed that players will go for high quality headsets for quality sound. You get Performance Audio Quality with Dolby Home Theatre v4 that can enhance the sound quality to dizzying heights.